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There are some people who have been freely roaming the streets of Kampala for the past three months, unobstructed by the traffic gridlocks or the clouds of dust that are a permanent feature in this shantytown we call our city.
For the most part, Kampala is the mess it is because of them; because of their corruption, their selfishness and, mostly, their guerrilla instinct to disregard urban planning laws and do whatever the hell they want.


They are the ones who enjoyed the lockdown because it presented them with another platform to showcase their privilege. They got to enjoy the benefits of a once-clean city that they helped destroy. While lesser mortals were roasting in their mabati houses in the midday sun (for their own good, of course) the banene enjoyed Kampala’s clear streets.

They are the ones who, yesterday, were acting very inconvenienced by “all these cars congesting our city”
They are the ones who still find a benefit in the 7:00pm curfew because it’s their last surviving bastion of privilege. They can move at any time of the night. They will even stop at a roadblock, roll down their tinted windows and applaud policemen for impounding cars caught past curfew time in a traffic jam which the very policemen helped create.
They know they will have to release life to get back to normal at some stage, but they will hold out for as long as they can. It’s public pressure that forced them to release private cars, and only continued pressure will make them cede the remaining ground.
They have unleashed social media hitmen to attack any opinions that call for an end to this lockdown, and many of their hitmen are stationed on my accounts. But as usual, they are parrots repeating the same shallow lines.

Of course you have the right to behave like a baby who needs a 75-year-old washed-up politician and tyrant to tell him/her what is good for them. But your immaturity must not infringe on our right to determine what is good for us.

Yes, I get it. To save us from thugs who roam in the night, right?
Ok, you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe this baloney.
So we should perpetually be herded into our kraals like cattle at dusk, for our own safety. I think Yoweri Museveni has finally achieved his lifelong dream of retiring to look after his cows; only these cows move on two feet.
The only reason there is heightened thuggery is because the entirety of the informal sector has been shut down for much longer than it should be. Necessity obeys no law.
Even the Bible says that: Men do not despise a thief, if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry (Proverbs 6:30)
As long as taxis, bodas, arcades etc are closed, the robberies will increase. Soon not even the 7:00pm curfew will be able to shield us from increasingly desperate thieves.
The World Health Organization, which pushed for a lockdown in exchange for AID money, recently said that Coronavirus might never go away. So are we going to stay caged all our lives because of a virus which kills less than 3 people out of 1000 infected? Malaria is a lot more lethal.

Wow, how convenient you choose to look to Kenya at such a time.
Well, Kenya cut VAT from 16% to 14%, reduced taxes on many good and services, and removed PAYE for small salaried workers, even as Uganda increased and increased.
Kenya is also sending Mobile money to phones of citizens to help them make independent financial decisions and pay rent.
Can the thought of sending money to wanainchi’s phones even cross Museveni’s mind?
If it did, he would think he has a brain tumor and would instantly go for a check-up. That’s how selfish the man is.
So if we have chosen to copy Kenya. why don’t we go all the way?

End this senseless curfew NOW.
End the lockdown. It has overstayed its welcome.

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