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NRM Criminal Outfit regime thugs

Uganda Anarchist Forums Uganda Anarchism NRM Criminal Outfit regime thugs

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    Uganda Anarchist

    NRM The NRM Criminal Outfit regime, is like a robber that breaks into your House, and beats the shit out-of you, for not having Beer in the fridge. Then he picks your TV set, and says…. you seem to be a nice person.
    I’ve decided not to take that heavy table. But,I’m taking this TV, because its mine now!

    With the help of corrupt parliamentarians, that’s exactly what the NRM Criminal outfit regime has done.

    They broke into Uganda national treasury, and stole 2.4 Trillion Shillings, and decided to donate 380 Million shillings to Ugandans for COVID-19 Pandemic relief.

    As long as Uganda Continues to be run by Capitalist gangsters, we shall continue to many robberies by Capitalist thugs

    Free Uganda

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