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    Rajiv RupareliaA cop shows injuries sustained in an attack by dogs reportedly unleashed on cops by Rajiv Ruparelia

    Ugandan cops have this Friday been admitted at Mulago Referral Hospital after Rajiv Ruparelia, the controversial son of businessman Sudhir Ruparelia, unleashed dangerous dogs on them.

    It all started when Rajiv waved down Counter terrorism policemen who were being deployed at the residence of Deputy Governor Bank of Uganda along Kololo Hill, Kololo, Kampala.Rajiv Ruparelia

    The Ruparelias are neighbours of Deputy Governor, Bank of Uganda.

    Rajiv and his wife Naiya, were walking with their four bulldogs.

    The driver of the vehicle identified as Haruna pulled over to listen to Rajiv.

    Haruna thought Rajiv had something urgent to tell him.

    Instead, according to the cops, Rajiv hurled insults at Haruna before spitting in his face.

    “On our way to work this morning, the son to Sudhir, Rajiv Ruparelia stopped us and spitted at our driver Haruna,” recalled one of the cops.

    Rajiv Ruparelia
    More injuries showed by the cops attacked by Rajiv’s dogs

    “We got out of the car to intervene. However, the guy (Rajiv) released his dogs to bite us. So we went to Kira Road police station to open a case.”

    According to information shared by Rajiv’s associates on social media, the youthful businessman wanted to ask why the car was driving at a high speed in a residential suburb.

    “I stopped to tell them that it was not safe for anybody to ride this fast on a residential road. I and my dogs were walking and I asked why an individual must drive this recklessly on a residential road,” Rajiv was quoted as saying.Rajiv Ruparelia

    “I requested in a simple way but an officer angrily said to me that this is not India, this is Uganda. The police officer was not in identified police vehicle, it was a private car. Based on that in had no idea that this was police,” said Rajiv.

    We understands police vans usually traverse the area to drop and pick guards on various shifts.

    Being a resident of the area for many years, Rajiv knew the vans were carrying police guards.

    A wealthy businessman in the leafy area, who preferred anonymity to speak freely, said “we know these vans which drop off police guards every day. This is a VIP area.”

    The elderly man, who has lived in Kololo and owns several properties there, added: “These police guards are actually friendly. We never had issues with them. Whenever there is an incident, the police are always swift in response. Secondly, there is a corner on this lane, so you can’t say someone was driving at a breakneck speed. VIP vehicles are always fast but not on this lane.”

    Rajiv RupareliaRajiv has previously been reported in bar brawls, claims he denies.

    Police speak out

    Deputy KMP spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said the law enforcement body has opened up a case of “rash and neglect” and all officers have recorded statements.

    Rashness means doing an act with the consequences of a risk that evil consequences will follow but with the hope that they will not happen.

    Rajiv Ruparelia
    Rajiv’s dogs damaged the cops’ trousers

    The criminality lies in running the risk of doing such an act with recklessness or indifference as to the consequences.

    On the other hand, negligence is a breach of duty imposed by law.

    Negligence may either be civil or criminal negligence and the distinction depends upon the nature and gravity of the negligence.

    Owoyesigire said police will summon Rajiv to police to record his statement given the fact that his dogs inflicted wounds on police officers.

    “We want to know what his intention was in this incident,” said Owoyesigire.

    Police officers have all obtained medical form three and are currently undergoing treatment at Mulago Referral hospital.

    Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told us that the issue is being handled by Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP).

    “We shall soon release a statement about this matter,” said Enanga.

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